Who we are...

KOVITÉCNICA S.L. is a family-based company, founder in 1985 due to the necessity of opening a new business of special products in the area of the paper production and its manufactured. It started specially to answer to the increasing demand that the technical stationary stores had to face in order to provide the best service to the studios of advertising, marketing, architecture, painting, photography and framing.

In our offices, we have both special conditioned warehouses to keep the products in the best conditions and all kind of latest generation technical machinery for its elaboration and manufacture.

Apart from our national network, our international department encloses a wide market always opened to the research of new products that our customers could demand. We always try to make our work in the less time as possible with the best quality.

Our specialized personnel has demonstrated that the daily effort offers quality and satisfaction of our customers, in a market that it is continuous change and with great needs of adaptation.


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